E10 : Transforming the Root Cause of Distress vs. Only Treating the Symptoms

Is it possible to transform the root cause of distress versus treating symptoms? The most effective protocol for all mental, emotional, physical, or sexual abuse symptoms is transformation. Deep transformation is significantly different from symptom removal.

Symptom removal is the type of protocol offered by the medical profession. Symptoms are the focus, and the goal is to numb, suppress, or cut off the body part to mask or make the symptoms go away. More often than not, the same or other symptoms appear elsewhere in the body. Because symptoms are a message that the body needs transformation on the unconscious, subconscious and cellular level metaphysically, the symptoms are the messenger that points to deeper imbalances and wounds that are not addressed by traditional medical protocols. Deep transformation is an easy and successful process. It has to do with restoring the body to its formal state of health. This means addressing the cause and effect of the symptoms, restoring the energy production system, oxidation rate, its minerals, ratios, and much more. Deep transformation also involves lifestyle changes as well.

Lifestyle is a large part of the core issue. In the long run, a deep transformation process saves money, saves time, and saves your life without toxic prescriptions, over the counter drugs or cutting out body parts. When body parts are cut out, the entire system is out of balance, and the system becomes unbalanced when prescription drugs and over the counter drugs are used. Because they are toxic to the body, they are poison to the body. And so the body does everything it can to retain and regain the balance that it normally has. All deep transformation protocols are specifically tailored for each individual’s needs. Based on the root cause of the symptoms, when the root cause of all symptoms are transformed, the symptoms authentically disappear. Deep transformation is highly effective, less expensive, and permanent.

Deep transformation also requires mental, emotional, and spiritual development with its roots firmly standing in metaphysical constructs and holistic health care protocols. Deep transformation involves improving genetics. Everyone is exposed to ionizing radiation and toxic chemicals that can cause genetic damage. As mutated cells reproduce, more tissue is affected until illness manifests. Everyone is exposed to hundreds of toxic metals and those need to be removed. It’s called detoxing. Replenishing essential nutrients is essential for each individual. Replenishing all the vitamins and minerals takes time, commitment, dedication, and willingness to overcome the years of nutritional imbalance.

The majority of people have half a dozen or more unrecognized chronic infections. Tooth and gum infections are common and can cause serious health issues.

Balance your autonomic nervous system. The majority of people have overused their sympathetic nervous ‘fight or flight’ system. This system suppresses the immune system and suppresses digestion, assimilation of nutrition, and elimination of waste products. The result is poor health, mental and emotional healing. Many types of mental and emotional transformation occur with nutritional balancing. Deep transformation involves the total development of the human being’s potential. This goes beyond symptom removal. The goal is to develop all of a person’s mental, emotional, and physical talents and abilities. The sole purpose in the body experience is to create mental, emotional, physical, spiritual growth, and transformation. And that can’t come in a bottle or in a tube or in vaccines. I trust this information is helpful, and I wish you well.

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