E9 : Are You Still Waiting to Lose Excess Weight? Are You Living in Judgment of Yourself?

Are you still waiting to lose excess weight? Many people live life waiting for their ship to come in… for a new day… to turn a new leaf… to be happy to have the life they deserve. With all the waiting, they are also living in judgment of themselves. Why don’t you? Why didn’t you? Are you going to? You should… you shouldn’t… you have to… if only… and the list goes on. Are you living in judgment of yourself? If so, I have good news. There is no surprise you think there is something wrong with you, that judgment that you hear from others and maybe even from yourself? One message promotes indulgence in eating unhealthy food, also known as junk food, and you keep wondering why you can’t be the one who can easily lose weight. The conflicting message is that if I gain weight from eating junk food, something is wrong with me. But not to worry. There are dozens of weight-loss remedies, gimmicks and procedures… gastric bypass surgery, liposuction, laser treatments, and the weight melts off, and cosmetic surgery to improve everything, Sometimes creating cosmetic disasters. This hamster wheel syndrome has resulted in millions of people simply giving up on maintaining a healthy body. People are rebelling from living in judgment. People are being judged by their friends, family, and sometimes strangers. Rebellion is their only defense. Although they pay the price, it seems no matter which way they turn, they’re being judged as a failure. Sadly, many have taken on this failure label. Many people have followed the fad diets, taken the miracle pills, drank the weight loss shakes, exercise for hours, to no avail. I understand this revolving blame syndrome. It is a real struggle. While some people are throwing in the towel completely, others are shifting their focus slightly so that they do not continue to live in judgment. They step into an empowered mindset. Many people are ignoring the number on their scale, and instead, they’re focusing on how they feel, and how healthy they are. It is amazing what transpires when you focus on the mental-emotional aspects of weight reduction, rather than the number on a scale. Think about it. You don’t need another fad diet or appetite suppressant, and you don’t need another piece of exercise equipment. If you’re like most people, you’ve already done a number of things, and you know firsthand they don’t deliver as promised – or you lose the weight and then put it back on. One woman I worked with reduced her weight 125 pounds in five weeks after she stopped looking at the scale. She knew she wanted to wear a size eight clothes. When she was able to wear the size eight clothes, she felt elated. Weeks later, she got on the scale to confirm she reduced her weight 125 pounds. And the best news is she kept it off. What millions of Americans are discovering is that when you make small mental shifts, reducing weight isn’t as difficult as it once was. Did you notice a shift in mindset about weight by listening to this message? Did you notice the word loss was replaced by the word reduce/reducing/reduction? What’s the difference? Psychologically, the shift is huge. No one wants to lose anything, including things that are insignificant. Furthermore, when you lose something, you feel anxious. Where is it? What went wrong with that? Why did I lose it? How did I do that? How did I lose it? Am I careless? I might lose something important. And then what?

Here’s my suggestion. If you’re currently struggling to reduce your weight and get the body you desire, stop judging yourself. Shift your thoughts about weight. Stop worrying about the number on the scale, it’s not the most important thing in the world. Start opening your mind to the possibility that weight reduction and good health has more to do with your brain than it does with your bathroom scale. Humans need physical, emotional, and spiritual sustenance to thrive. The majority of people need to transform all three, while food provides sustenance to the body. It also provides immediate psychological gratification, thus becoming a substitute for emotional and spiritual sustenance. Subsequently, without proper emotional and spiritual sustenance, the psyche deteriorates, and ultimately the body deteriorates. Because the body is dependent on the psyche, pharmaceuticals and medical practices have created a false belief that appeal or surgery will restore your emotional and physical functions because you’ll look better; therefore, you will feel better… therefore your emotional and physical functioning will be restored. Well, that’s basically wrong. There is no shame in asking for assistance to reach a goal. Reducing weight is an important goal. That is why I developed an empowering and powerful protocol to address the mental, emotional, and physical aspects to assist people in reaching their goal of weight reduction. I trust this information is helpful, and I wish you well.

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