Ep 3: Eliminating the Obstacles in Your Life that are Holding You Back

Today I’m speaking to you, from my impatient heart to your impatient heart. You need to eliminate overthinking and activate soul-centered action. This is a call from the Universe to go for your passions and not squash your inner fire that’s still burning. Maybe you’ve had a loss… a family member, a friend, and you may still feel devastated and sad. One aspect of grief you might know about is a deep sadness and losing someone’s unsung potential.

I lost a dear aunt when I was a junior in high school. She was part of my foundation in life. I know the sadness of the empty spaces left in in the Universe by someone’s untapped potential, their undone work, their canvas left to be filled… The empty space they leave in other’s lives to sadness permeates your life or a family member, a friend or a colleague. Do you know the people around you feel this way when you don’t pursue your passions? Did you know that there is some grief not just in yourself, but the world around you, when your desires are thrown out by your rational mind? Do you notice how your inner fire is suffocated when you stop breathing life into your creativity? All of the things you do or anyone does to avoid bringing desires to life end up hurting everyone is like a ripple effect.

Overeating, emotional eating, gorging on junk food that keeps you spaced out… over stimulating yourself with alcohol, drugs, gambling or shopping… doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, overworking, under-communicating, over-scheduled, feeling dim defeated, foggy, angry, frustrated, sick, worn out exhausted… In short, you can go for your life, or you can die early. I’m not exaggerating. This is that important. I see it with my clients, and I see it around me. People who have sabotaged themselves to such an extreme degree that they hurt their bodies in countless ways, losing their vitality rather than taking the brave steps to go for their life desires. Does this resonate? Losing my dear aunt at a young age has given me a lens on life that you need to look through now. Do not let your gifts talents and unique voice language be unknown or unheard. Be patient with your life. Love Your work, love your passions. I want you to know who you truly are. I don’t want you to suffer in silence, eking your way through a shortened existence without bringing your vision and desires to life. It’s unnecessary to live a shortened existence without bringing your vision and desires to life. It’s sad for everyone – for you, your family, your friends, your colleagues. Life is what you make it. You don’t need to carry sadness around anymore. No more excuses or procrastinating. Don’t wait. The only thing keeping you from doing what you dream of doing is a voice in your head. Resistance, sadness, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of mistakes… you fill in the blank. I can help you eliminate that voice with a divine voice of your soul, which is actually life or the Universe or God speaking through you. This is big stuff. If you find your fingers itching to call or write, reach over to the phone or get a piece of paper and send me a note. Just do it. I trust this information has been helpful. I wish you well.

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