Ep 5: Eliminate Negative Thoughts

What is the root cause of depression? Traditional Western medicine, which includes traditional psychiatric medicine, posits depression is the result of a chemical imbalance. Scientific studies claimed to show that such an imbalance does, in fact, exist. But these studies are only performed on people who are being treated for depression. The question is: Which came first, the imbalance or the depression? Or which came first, the chicken or the egg? Traditional holistic transformation, also known as holistic or metaphysical transformation has proven that depression is anger turned inward.

If you are a student of any spiritual tradition, you understand that virtually everything in the world of form is the unfolding of spiritual reality that all things are arising spontaneously within the field of infinite potential; thus, the cause of the chemical imbalance is not the cause of clinical depression but the symptoms of it. The cause or mechanism that lies behind the phenomena of depression lies within the limits of personal consciousness itself. Depression is supporting or suppressing hurt, anger, rage trauma, not consciously realizing that processing the feelings triggered by the experience is the solution; less anger is then turned inward and held. We either identify with emotions as ourselves, that’s just the way I am, to avoid or escape them or act out living a continual legacy of hurt, anger, rage, and trauma. The only recourse many people have is accepting the indoctrination by their tormentors. The indoctrination carries with it the seeds of doubt, the doubt of life not having any real meaning, doubt of one’s worth, and doubt of one’s abilities. This doubt itself gives way to various feelings and emotions, which we then either cling to or resist. Rather than processing our thoughts and feelings and acknowledging the misconceptions and indoctrination we’ve accepted, we let it continue to fester. If we let the feelings pass through our awareness consciously fully feeling and releasing them, depression will be avoided. The seeds of doubt are a result of early childhood trauma and emotional indoctrination. Nearly everyone has some form of childhood trauma to some degree, which then creates the perception that the trauma systems are a chemical imbalance. Thus, scientific studies can claim that such an imbalance exists because all persons with depression show some form of imbalance. People with chronic depression are merely those who have remained unaware of how to successfully release doubts and emotions. Doubt is a very healthy benchmark for the need of change and growth; successfully embracing and resolving doubt so that a new higher understanding can be reached is the way to avoid depression as well as a way out. Doubt isn’t something to be avoided. If anything can be transformed to as the cause of depression, then it is the lack of consciousness of the individual.

From the literature of historical wisdom traditions such as Zen, or meditation, to the annals of modern developmental psychology, the evidence clearly shows that individuals who have evolved to the higher stages of consciousness, suffer less than from troubling emotions. Consciousness is the only genuine, long term solution to dealing with the symptom called depression. It is understood that this explanation of depression is not a popular one. However, it is the one that can truly set you free. How? The answer is if you understand that you have, in fact, been creating absolutely everything you’ve been experiencing… you are able by acknowledging your responsibility to transform any negative emotion, which creates the plethora of so-called mental disorders. Responsibility without blame and constant surrender rather than resistance is the way out. Depression really can be fully permanently transformed. Although you can affect this process, the majority of people want professional assistance to move the process faster and more effectively. This phenomenon is recognized as we are our own worst enemy because we can’t see the trees because of the forest. I hope this information has been helpful. I wish you well.

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