Ep 8: Learn a New Approach to Life to STOP Creating Your Own Problems

Are you creating your own problems? This concept might seem a little harsh; of course, there are circumstances one can’t control. However, one is responsible for how one manages the situation, thus avoiding unpleasant feelings or problems. You create your problems with what you believe, think, say, do, and allow. Ironically you do not see what you are building or creating, even though you designed the blueprint until one moment you have an epiphany. The human brain was designed to work non stop 24/7. Yes, your dreams are your brain processing data. Your brain does a good job. Your brain was built to determine the next thing to fix. This is a great thing. It is because of this cognitive feature that humans have evolved the way they have. It is fascinating to think about how the major changes people have accomplished from industry, agriculture, health, education, religion, travel, out of a specific need. Death, disorder, and starvation have been part of the equation. The part of the brain that controls rumination also manages creativity, and that is not a coincidence. Thus, if you believe you can’t stop worrying, then you can’t stop creating problems for yourself. Shift your anxiety from one corner of your life to the next. If you can’t sit back and enjoy and be grateful and happy. It’s not because there’s something wrong with you. There is only something wrong with your understanding of the human brain and happiness. And when you understand it is a faulty belief, and thinking that it is causing your ability to create all you desire, you can create great successes. We were built to be happy in the way that we think of happiness as carefree, grateful, and excited. We were born to create. Mental-emotional suffering isn’t inherent; it is an option. Suffering dissolves when we focus on creating what we desire rather than reacting to life-specific attitudes. In other words, instead of being imparted at the whim of things, focus on how you can create what you desire in spite of what exists. Good and bad become irrelevant when the focus isn’t what can I enjoy? …but what will I create. By looking at everything as an opportunity, obstacles become opportunities; life becomes an incredible and fascinating journey. The universe consistently creates; nature consistently creates; everything is creative. You’re creating cells and thoughts as you read this, you are creating CO2 as you exhale. Each time you are with someone you love. You are creating your relationship. Each time you work, you are creating money. You are creating skills. You are consistently creating. You create your misery, success, and happiness. The choice is yours. Suffering is what you create when you stop creating happiness and success. Rather than devise the next step for your life, you ruminate on all that isn’t right rather than what is right. Rather than imagine previously inconceivable opportunities, you assume nothing better is possible. Rather than taking control of your life, you assume an attitude of powerlessness and helplessness. You suffer meaninglessly. You become an integral part of the process. You’ve heard the cliche, no gain without pain. It’s worth it. You’re no longer dividing your emotional experience – it is between things that feel good to the senses, and things that don’t. You’re diving into things that are worthwhile and things that aren’t.

You’re discerning about each and every step you take. You’re evolving and growing. You’re expanding your capacity to manage your experience to think, create, love, and be. Creativity is not exclusive to the arts, as we tend to think everything is creative. Every second is creating a part of your life. Creativity is not necessarily a burst of emotional passion. It can be a habitual choice in your choices. There’s a different kind of happiness – one that is not passive, but active, instead of struggling to reach the benefits and joy of the world other people have created. You embark on your own mission, which is to create yourself in the world. That is how you leave a lasting impression and legacy. That is how you create real, deep, sustainable happiness inside of you that shows up on the outside. Here’s to creating all your passion and desires. I trust this information is helpful. I wish you well.

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