Ep 4: Forgiveness

Setting yourself free to live freely every day is a great opportunity to reflect not just on your closest relationships, but on all the people you interact with. One way to open your heart and soul, to even more love in all your relationships is to practice forgiveness. Forgiveness is a spiritual practice that is part of all philosophy and has the power to heal your hurt, free your heart, and move your life forward. Several years ago, I worked with a young man who as a result of sharing something personal with his father, then rejected him. Without reconciliation, they were estranged for several years through a pre-planned reconciliation and bonding experience. The son and father were able to reconcile. The son was able to forgive his father, and they became closer than ever before. The majority of people believe that when you forgive someone, they’re letting the other person off the hook to continue committing an acceptable behavior. The truth is, by reducing yourself to forgive a wrong, you are holding the angst and pain and hurt and distress while the other person is oblivious. The old axiom holding on to anger or a grudge is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die – is a poignant analogy. It is a fact that won’t change unless you choose to forgive the wrongdoing. Forgiveness does not mean that you tolerate or condone unacceptable behavior. It simply means you forgive and decide if you wish to continue being with that person on different terms. Choose to take a few moments to reflect on who and how you forgive to lead a freer, fuller, and happier life through the transformational power of love and forgiveness. The following steps will assist you in creating forgiveness: decide to forgive, consider the reasons you will forgive the person, the reason you need to forgive the person for your own well being, and take action. Forgiveness is for yourself; the other person doesn’t need to know. Practice empathy and passion, seek help if you are struggling with someone’s egregious behavior so that you can let go, transform, and transmute the details on the unconscious, subconscious, and soul level. I trust this information is helpful. I wish you well.

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