Hypnotic Holistic Health

Welcome to my podcast, Hypnotic Holistic Health. Holistic health is becoming more sought after in the United States, whereas in other countries, using holistic health care is their primary modality. Growing up in a remote rural environment, I learned to be self-sufficient. And the use of mental, emotional strength, courage, and natural remedies for everything except lacerations and broken bones were standard practices. In high school in college with astonishment, I learned what I knew intuitively wasn’t widely practiced. Therefore, I set out to change that paradigm I am. The first step in hypnotic Holistic Health is to demystify the root cause of all symptoms.

I assist people in engaging their unconscious and subconscious mind to transform their thoughts, beliefs, and feelings to achieve optimal mental health, physical, and cellular health. When I work with someone, I’m assisting them in more ways than one to create the life they desire bringing 30 plus years of global experience to each person’s transformation. My approach is specifically tailoring the process to each individual’s needs versus a one size fits all, or treating symptoms. I know when someone begins the holistic transformation process, no matter how dire their predicament seems to be, if the person is willing to do the mental emotional discovery work, releasing and transforming beliefs, thoughts and feelings, anything can be transformed or transmitted. The word incurable or impossible only means that the particular condition, symptom, or diagnosis cannot be cured by outer methods and that the person needs to go within to affect the transformation. The condition, symptom or diagnosis came from mental, emotional, physical, and cellular distress, and will go back to nothing. And yes, that includes cancer and all those other bad words that you hear about… the illnesses and diseases that you have heard. That is why I am sought after as a mind-body-spirit transformation facilitator. When people read my articles or are referred to me, they are drawn to my dynamic breath of fresh air, personality, and down to earth approach.

Are you looking for a trusted hypnosis practitioner who can definitely assist you to transform and transmute the issues you are struggling with? As thousands of people have learned, holistic, deep transformation is an excellent choice because of the top to bottom, depth, and breadth, perspective, and approach. I am here only to be truly humble. I trust you will benefit from my podcast. I wish you well on your journey.

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